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Jeode PDA Edition

Jeode™ PDA Edition is an implementation of the Insignia's Java virtual machine environment that is tailored for the limited memory resources and browsing requirements of Pocket PCs, PDAs and related handheld devices. Jeode PDA Edition is the first in a series of planned announcements to support Insignia's mobile wireless initiative. Insignia is also aggressively pursuing initiatives for the interactive television and automotive markets.

Jeode PDA Edition supports Insignia's claim as the leading provider of Java virtual machine (JVM) technologies for the fast-growing Windows CE and Linux PDA market segments. It incorporates the Jeode EVM™ runtime engine, a "Sun Authorized Virtual Machine" that is fully compatible with the PersonalJava™ specification, and supports all PersonalJava 1.2 class libraries, including optional classes.

Jeode Platform 

The Jeode platform enables accelerated and robust Java functionality on information appliances. A "Sun Authorized Virtual Machine" fully compatible with the PersonalJava and EmbeddedJava™ specifications, the Jeode EVM runtime engine can execute Java applications 6-10 times faster than interpretive JVMs in roughly the same amount of memory.

Key attributes include:

  • Industry leading accelerated performance and efficient memory utilization through patent-pending dynamic adaptive compilation (DAC) and precise, concurrent garbage collection technologies
  • Configurability and tunability to meet the diverse needs of information appliance developers
  • A turn-key software solution already ported and tested on popular RTOS/ microprocessor combinations
  • Operating systems include Windows CE, Windows NT4, VxWorks, Linux, ITRON, Nucleus, BSDI Unix and pSOS
  • Microprocessors include MIPS, ARM, Intel x86, PowerPC and Hitachi SH-3 and SH-4

BSQUARE and Insignia Team to Deliver First Java Virtual Machine Environment for Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002 - Implementation Passes PersonalJava Platform Technology Test Suites

BELLEVUE, WA - October 4, 2001 - BSQUARE Corporation and Insignia Solutions, a leading provider of accelerated Java software solutions for information appliances, today delivered the first Java virtual machine (JVM) environment to support the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 software platform.

As Insignia's preferred Windows CE channel partner, BSQUARE is now shipping the Jeode™ PDA Edition for Pocket PC 2002, which has passed the required PersonalJava™ platform compatibility test suites.

Microsoft announced Pocket PC 2002 software at the DEMOmobile show in San Diego on September 6, 2001.


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