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ActiveX- How to shutdown reboot logoff WIndows 9x NT Me 2000

program shutdown;

   logoff: boolean = false;
   reboot: boolean = false;
   warn: boolean = false;
   downQuick: boolean = false;
   cancelShutdown: boolean = false;
   powerOff: boolean = false;
   timeDelay: integer = 0;

function HasParam(Opt: Char): Boolean;
   x: integer;
     result := false;
     for x := 1 to paramCount do
         if (paramstr(x) = '-'+opt) or (paramstr(x) = '/'+opt) then result := true;

function GetErrorString: String;
   lz: Cardinal;
   err: array[0..512] of Char;
     lz := GetLastError;
     FormatMessage(FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM, nil, lz, 0, @err, 512, nil);
     result := string(err);

procedure DoShutdown;
   rl,flgs: Cardinal;
   hToken: Cardinal;
     flgs := 0;
     if downQuick then flgs := flgs or EWX_FORCE;
     if not reboot then flgs := flgs or EWX_SHUTDOWN;
     if reboot then flgs := flgs or EWX_REBOOT;
     if poweroff and (not reboot) then flgs := flgs or EWX_POWEROFF;
     if logoff then flgs := (flgs and (not (EWX_REBOOT or EWX_SHUTDOWN or EWX_POWEROFF))) or EWX_LOGOFF;
     if Win32Platform = VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT then begin
        if not OpenProcessToken(GetCurrentProcess, TOKEN_ADJUST_PRIVILEGES or TOKEN_QUERY, hToken) then
           Writeln('Cannot open process token. ['+GetErrorString+']')
        else begin
             if LookupPrivilegeValue(nil, 'SeShutdownPrivilege', tkp.Privileges[0].Luid) then begin
             tkp.Privileges[0].Attributes := SE_PRIVILEGE_ENABLED;
             tkp.PrivilegeCount := 1;
             AdjustTokenPrivileges(hToken, False, tkp, 0, nil, rl);
             if GetLastError <> ERROR_SUCCESS then
                   Writeln('Error adjusting process privileges.');
             end else Writeln('Cannot find privilege value. ['+GetErrorString+']');
{        if CancelShutdown then
           if AbortSystemShutdown(nil) = False then
              Writeln(\'Cannot abort. [\'+GetErrorString+\']\')
        else begin
             if InitiateSystemShutdown(nil, nil, timeDelay, downQuick, Reboot) = False then
                Writeln(\'Cannot go down. [\'+GetErrorString+\']\')
                 Writeln(\'Shutting down!\');
//     else begin
          ExitWindowsEx(flgs, 0);
//     end;

     Writeln('Shutdown v0.3 for Win32 (similar to the Linux version)');
     Writeln('X Software. All Rights Reserved.');
     if HasParam('?') or (ParamCount=0) then begin
        Writeln('Usage:    shutdown [-akrhfnc] [-t secs]');
        Writeln('                  -k:      don''t really shutdown, only warn.');
        Writeln('                  -r:      reboot after shutdown.');
        Writeln('                  -h:      halt after shutdown.');
        Writeln('                  -p:      power off after shutdown');
        Writeln('                  -l:      log off only');
        Writeln('                  -n:      kill apps that don''t want to die.');
        Writeln('                  -c:      cancel a running shutdown.');
     end else begin
         if HasParam('k') then warn := true;
         if HasParam('r') then reboot := true;
         if HasParam('h') and reboot then begin
            Writeln('Error: Cannot specify -r and -h parameters together!');
         if HasParam('h') then reboot := false;
         if HasParam('n') then downQuick := true;
         if HasParam('c') then cancelShutdown := true;
         if HasParam('p') then powerOff := true;
         if HasParam('l') then logoff := true;

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