How do they judge your problem solving ability?

Here are some Questions Which help you to understand how do they judge your problem solving ability and prepare for it if you have any more suggestions please do comment  

Asks these Interview questions to judge Problem Solving Abilities: 
  1. Describe typical problems you are likely to face during the day and ways in which you reach solutions.
  2. What was your most serious problem, in the last year?
  3. What was your worst mistake in recent years?
  4. Describe changes you have recommended.
  5. Describe situations where your judgement proved valuable.
  6. How do you measure a subordinate’s judgement?
  7. Who has sought your opinion in the last month and what was the nature of that inquiry?
  8. In your present position, what problems have you identified that had previously been overlooked?
  9. How have you changed the nature of your job?
  10. What are three basic managerial criteria you use in judging a colleague?
  11. Have you helped reduce costs? How?
  12. Why did you take your company into product “x” market?
  13. What are some difficult decisions you have made? How would you evaluate your present firm?
  14. When you are making a decision, how do you go about acquiring the right information?
  15. In what situations has your work been criticized?
  16. How would your colleagues rate you as the person with whom to discuss their problems?
  17. Describe several successes you have had in problem solving for your company?
  18. What was the most difficult problem you have faced?
  19. How do you go about solving a business problem?
  20. What human relations’ problems have you faced?

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