Interview questions based on important concepts in computer network.

Interview questions based on important concepts in computer network.
Question 1
Can you guess why IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) addresses came into existence while still IPv4 is being used by many machines?
Answer :
The only reason could be the enormous growth in the number of machines using v4 addresses. This forces concerned agencies to raise the address pool by some means. One of such ways was the introduction of IPv6 so that more machines can be accommodated.
Question 2
Consider two network layer devices, one operating at network layer and the other operating at data link layer. In very generic terms, which one is more intelligent ? Explain with example.
Answer :
Generally a device that operates at a higher layer in OSI model is intelligent. For example, there are switches that operate at data link layer and some others that operate at network layer. Simply due to the additional capabilities of the switches that operate in network layer they can be considered more intelligent.
Question 3
What is the main drawback when using Hubs in networks ?
Answer :
Hubs are least intelligent devices transmitting whatever data they receive into all the output ports. Though this behaviour can be favourable in some cases, most of the times this behaviour results in unnecessary traffic in the network. More network consumption leads to problems like collision and congestion.
Question 4
In socket communication happening between a client and a server, how can you tell which one is a client and which is a sever ?
Answer :
Consider two network devices communicating through network sockets. In many cases a client initiates a transaction. For example, your computer could request a web page from a server. This implies that your computer is initiating the connection and is a client. The responding machine will be the server

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