TechMahindra Logical Aptitude Questions for Practice

Below are three easy aptitude questions. They are not from any specific mathematics section, but are simple questions requiring logical thinking. Solving these questions is easy if you understand the questions well.

Question 1

Hema malini was enjoying her vacation at her Cousin's home. In the mornings, she used to go for a jogging with her cousin. The evenings were spent on tennis court in nearly sports club. Since the activities of jogging and playing tennis were tiring, they could manage only one per day, i.e., either they went for a jog or played tennis each day. There were days when they felt lazy and stayed home all day long.
For every four days they when for jog on first day, went for walk on the second day, did nothing for the third day and went for walk on the fourth day. This cycle continued. In total if they had played tennis for 30 days, how many total number of days Hema stayed in her Cousin's home.

(a)15 (b) 14 (c) 18 (d) 60 (e) 15

Answer : d) 60


This is a very simple question. (Plenty of data is given just to confuse readers.)
In every 4 days Hema and Cousin play tennis for 2 days. Since total number of days of playing tennis is 30, total days of stay can be calculated as follows

Tennis Days           Stay Days
2                          4
30                        ?Total number of days of stay = 30 x 4/2 = 60 days.

Question 2

A tennis championship (Singles tournament) is played on a knock-out basis, i.e., a player is out of the tournament when he loses a match.

(A)How many players participate in the tournament if 127 matches are totally played?
(a) 256 (b)255 (c)124 (d) 128 (e) 254

(B)How many matches are played in the tournament, if 100 players participated in the tournament?
(a) 98 (b) 108 (c) 99 (d) 100 (e) 200

Solution :
 (A) The correct option is (d)
To solve this we have to work backwards by examining options.
Let us now check if option (d) 128 is correct. (Though we should have ideally started at option (a), we are leaving those for your practice.)
Since there are two players per match, at first 128/2 = 64 matches will be held
64 winners would play 32 matches against each other.
32 winners would play 16 matches against each other and so on.
To put together, the number of matches played will be 64+32+16+8+4+2+1 =127 matches. This exactly matches the data in question. So our assumption of 128 players is correct.

(B) The correct option is (c)
There are 100 players. 50 pairs are possible. 50 matches will be played in the first round. 50 losers will be out of the tournament while 50 will go through.
50 winners will play 25 matches in second round. This will produce 25 winners.
Since 25 is odd number that, one player will stand out in the next round i.e third round.
24 winners will play 12 matches in third round. There will be 12 winners.
12 winners will play 6 matches. There will be 6 winners.
6 winners will play 3 matches. There will be 3 winners. The player who stood out third round will join now to make the number of winners to 4 which is an even number.
4 winners will play 2 matches. Finally 2 winners will play the final match.
Total matches = 50 + 25 + 12 + 6 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 99 matches.
So option (c) is correct.

Question 3

Karthikeyan arranged a party to celebrate his birth day.20 of his close friends were invited. One friend left before the cake was cut due to an urgent phone call.The big cake was drawing the attention of the party visitors. This cake is to be divided among friends and of course Karthikeyan will get his share. A man eats 3 pieces, a woman eats two pieces and a child eats half a piece of cake. Including Karthikeyan count the number of men,women and children in the party. There are 20 pieces of cake in all.

a.6 women, 2 men and 12 children b.7 women, 1 men and 12 children c.5 women, 1 men and 14 children d.4 women, 2 men and 14 children

Answer : c.5 women, 1 men and 14 children


Let the number of men be m, number of women be w and number of children be c
Total number of pieces = Pieces ate by men + Pieces ate by women + Pieces ate by children
There are 20 total pieces. Also a man eats 3 pieces, a woman eats 2 and children half. Therefore above equation becomes.
20 = 3m + 2w + 1/2c
In the above equation, you have to substitute the values given in options to find which one satisfies the equation.
Option c with m = 1, c = 14 and w = 5 perfectly satisfies the equation as follows
20 = 3(1) + 2(5) + (1/2)(14)
20 = 20 i,e our equation is satisfied perfectly by option c.

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