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Technical Interview Questions - important for TCS, Wipro, Cognizent, Accenture, IBM

  • What does static variable mean?
  • What is a pointer?
  • What is a structure?
  • What are the differences between structures and arrays?
  • In header files whether functions are declared or defined?
  • What are the differences between malloc() and calloc()?
  • What are macros? what are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • Difference between pass by reference and pass by value?
  • What is static identifier?
  • Where are the auto variables stored?
  • Where does global, static, local, register variables, free memory and C Program instructions get stored?
  • Difference between arrays and linked list?
  • What are enumerations?
  • What is a class?
  • What is an object?
  • What is the difference between an object and a class?
  • What is the difference between class and structure?
  • What is public, protected, private?
  • What are virtual functions?
  • What is friend function?
  • What is a scope resolution operator?
  • What do you mean by inheritance?
  • What is abstraction?
  • What is a data structure?
  • What does abstract data type means?
  • Evaluate the following prefix expression " ++ 26 + - 1324" (Similar types can be asked)
  • Convert the following infix expression to post fix notation ((a+2)*(b+4)) -1 (Similar types can be asked)
  • How is it possible to insert different type of elements in stack?
  • Stack can be described as a pointer. Explain.
  • Write a Binary Search program
  • What is the difference between an Abstract class and Interface?
  • What is user defined exception?
  • What do you know about the garbage collector?
  • What is the difference between java and c++?
  • In an HTML form I have a button which makes us to open another page in 15 seconds. How will you do that?
  • What is the difference between process and threads?
  • What is update method called?
  • Have you ever used HashTable and Directory?
  • What are statements in Java?
  • What is RMI?
  • Explain about RMI Architecture?
  • What are Servelets?
  • What is the use of servlets?
  • Explain RMI Architecture?
  • How will you pass values from HTML page to the servlet?
  • How do you load an image in a Servelet?
  • What is purpose of applet programming?
  • How will you communicate between two applets?
  • What are the basic functions of an operating system?
  • Explain briefly about, processor, assembler, compiler, loader, linker and the functions executed by them.
  • What are the difference phases of software development? Explain briefly?
  • Differentiate between RAM and ROM?
  • What is DRAM? In which form does it store data?
  • What is cache memory?
  • What is hard disk and what is its purpose?
  • Differentiate between Complier and Interpreter?
  • What are the different tasks of Lexical analysis?
  • What are the different functions of Syntax phase, Sheduler?

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Aptitude Test Practice Questions - With Answers

Question 1. Which of the following is least like the others?
A.    cube
B.    sphere
C.    pyramid
D.    circle

D (because the circle is the only two-dimensional figure)

Question 2. Consider a language which uses the following set of characters:
Small set: { a b c }
Large set: { A B C }
Punctuation set: { x y }
This language must follow the following rules:
  1.    A punctuation character must end all series.
  2.    A series can have up to but no more than 4          characters,including punctuation characters.

Does the following series follow all the rules of the language defined above?
  A.    Yes
  B.    No

A (the series has only four characters and ends in a punctuation character)

Question 3. Consider the following flow chart for a customer:

The person in No.1 is:
    A.   Married, with children
    B.   Married, with at least one son
    C.   Unmarried, with at least one daughter
    D.   Unmarried, with at least one son
    E.   Unmarried, with no children