Writng a Resume- For Web Developer

Web Developer Resume
         Resume or CV is your presenter in job interview and placement scenario, therefor it should be designed and written neatly so that it should present you, your skills, your qualities, and it makes the interviewer to judge you,
 Here are some important points you should consider in your Resume/ CV

1. Contact Information: First of all your web developer resume should have your contact Information which should be placed at the top with your contact number and email-id, so that the employer can contact you.
For example:
Contact Information:
  1. Full Name
  2. Complete  Address
  3. Contact Number
  4. Email id
2. Objective: This section is the most important section of your resume. This section includes a brief statement that why you want to join the company for the desired position, your goals and how can you benefits the company.

3. Professional Details and Experience: This section includes your achievements and experience in your field of interest. You should highlight you past achievements, best skills and projects in which you have worked.
  1. Mention the companies in which you have worked
  2. Your past achievements
4. Software Skills: Mention your knowledge in software field and the language in which you are proficient and worked on. List the specific languages.

For example:
  1. JDBC
  2. ODBC
  3. ASP.NET
  4. PHP
 5. Web Skills: Give the details of the web designing skills which you pursue and worked on.
For example –
  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2.  HTML
  3.  Graphic and web designing software.
6.  Academic Details: This section includes you academic qualification like your bachelor and master degree, your marks, the college which you attended, location of your college
  1. Your  degree and marks
  2. College you have attended
  3. Location of your college
  4. Any other certifications and licenses
7. Key Traits: Mention your specialities and capabilities like
  1.  Working under pressure
  2.  Extensive experience of dealing with clients
  3. Managing skills
  4. Working in team
8. Interests: Include your hobbies and interests. You can mention your interest related to the job and apart from it. For example – photography, travelling, gaming, movies, music, etc.

9. References: Don’t mention the references directly. You can write references available on request.
Means don't write the reference on your resume unless you have told to write

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