Wipro Interview Experiance at Bangalore some important tips

hi here is the interview experience of one of my friend at wipro bangalore  
In selection process there will b 3 rounds..
1) aptitude test mobile communication  & automation....
Sir: u r selected take this form & fill it up....


Me: may I come in sir?
He: come in (he  with small smile on his face) sit down
Me: good evening Sir...
He: Manu is this physics lab
Me: yes sir....(he saw Max Plancks picture on the wall)
He: tell me about Max Planck
Me:( I was surprised like i had never expected anything like this) then i told him that he is a scientist then he asked me about his contributions... i told him about Plancks contant.....& he asked me about quantum theory
(nothing came to my mind at that moment) I told him frankly that I don’t remember (with smile) anything about quantum theory...
He:ok Manu...u have secured 84%agre .... tell me about your cet rank & about your current position in your class
Me: I told him that my pos was 470 & i stood 2nd in my class....
He: so your marks graph is not consistent.... u have got 80,90,81,82,75...so next you’ll score 70
Me: Definitely no sir.... i have done well this semester exams...so ill surely get above 78 sir...
He: k where do u c yourself in next 3 r 5 yrs from now...
Me: sir I would like to b a team lead .... take up challenging projects....help my teammates to achieve the target..
He: k Manu I don’t have any challenging projects.... so what will u do.... will u do whatever I give u?
Me: yes sir... ill do whatever u give... n add my own innovative ideas to it....
He: what all questions were there in technical round?
Me: (I told him al that I told u above..... it was just like an another technical round)
He: y didn’t u take up any paper presentation?
Me: I like to do one sir... but I ddi’nt find time...as I am into so many other extra curriculum activities...like....
presently i m working as an active member of -- Organisation,i do anchoring spiritual functions....&  so on ( i told him about my interests in spiritual science & social service...)
He: k tell when will u do paper presentation?
Me: I thought of doing it in my 7th semester sir....
He: do u have any questions?
Me: yes sir, i heard that Wipro doesn’t give call letter even after a year.. is that true sir?
He: yes...(he told something about demand& so on) but it depends on the college & its reputation....we do give fast response  to top colleges like rvce pesit ....
u can leave...
Me: thank u sir
hey guys.... i would like to give u some tips.....
do have good eye contact with the person who is on the other side,
smile whenever necessary be lively,
be CONFIDENT in whatever u speak
sit straight as much as possible
go to the interview decently don’t show your bad attitude
believe in god...... he should bless.... we should get ... all the very best!


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