CTS- Cognizant Technology Solution Selection Procedure

CTS Selection Procedure consists of following 3 rounds
1. PPT.
2. Aptitude Test.
3. HR and Technical.
PPT-30 -40 minutes
1Written Test
No of questions : 55
Time limit : 60 minutes
No negative mark
Sectional cut off

In written test consists two section

Section -1- Analytical Ability (30 Ques in 30 mints)
For analytical :
For analytical (Areas to concentrate)
1. Puzzles (4Ques)
2. Figure-Odd-1 (1ques)
3. Syllogism ( including 2 statements which are mostly asked)....(2 Ques)
4. Coding decoding(4Ques)
5. Logical connectives
6. Data sufficiency
7. Data interpretation (2)
8  Pie chart and table
8. Statement-Conclusion.
9. Blood relation.
10. Cube and dice.
11. Statement inference (true or false like)......(2 Ques)
12. Figure Sequence(4Ques)
13. Puzzles
Practice Tests for Quantitative Aptitude
Tips and Tricks to learn Quantitative Aptitude
For verbal:
1. Error in sentences.(10Ques)
2. Rearrange.
3. Passage.(2 Big Passage)(10Questions)
4. Jumble Sentence

Verbal section seems to be little tough as u find no time to complete it.....But good practice makes your  way.... The verbal section was most difficult.

Also in the answer sheet there was one question-"What qualities should a software professional have and how do you fulfill them?"

- practice doing lots of online tests so that u can improve your speed.
CTS Mock on on line Practice Tests
Next you will be called for a technical interview. The interview is not so difficult if your technical is good. They ask very basic technical questions, and you will clear it very easily if
your basic concepts are clear.

Questions on C, JAVA, Data Structures, DBMS, Software Engg-SQL query Data structures, networks, C (he also asked me to write a small program).

Answer confidently and clearly say if you don't know the answer.

Before appearing personal interview go thorough the company profile, CEO, CFO, current employees no, founder's name and year etc.,

Go through the C.V properly, your CV should be small and compact with all correct information, before going to PI dont forget to take ORIGINAL MARKSHEET, COLLEGE ID, Passport size photos

If you clear you will be called for HR interview. The interview is very easy but you should prepare for some typical questions like.
1. Tell me about yourself ?
2. What's your short and long term goal ?
3. Why do you want to join our company ?
4. Why I hire you and why i don't hire you ?
5. What will you do if you are not selected ?
6. Do you have any question ?
7. Your strengths and weakness ?
8. Expectations from Cognizant ?
9. As u an IT student, what are the most interesting changes/inventions have been take place in last 5 years
10. which is your preferable language
11. what are the properties of oops
12. What is polymorphism?
13. 2NF with an example
14. Write a program in C to find factorial of a number.
15. Explain method overloading and overwriting with example.


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