Placement Review for Credit Suisse 2012 – pattern | Interviews | Tests

Hey let me declare, that this post is not by me it's a review from a friend who attended the Credit Suisse Campus :) 
Description: CREDIT SUISSE
It consisted of 8 puzzles and 8 algoritms/pseudocodes.
For puzzles refer to ‘how to ace the brain teaser’. For algorithms refer ‘cracking the coding interview’ and be familiar with questions asked in carrer cup site.There was one DB qstn too. We were asked to design a schema and normalize it.
Interview 1: Complete tech.
There were 2 bonus questions in the apti to design a client server architecture. I hadn’t solved it in apti so i was asked to explain it.
I was asked about my BE project, how i will implement it and explain the algorithms i will be using etc.
Thwn he asked me a simple puzzle.that chicken,corn and fox wala.
I was asked my fav subject, to which i said database. Then i was asked indexing, structures used, RAID levels. I was asked to design a database schema and write simple queries on it.
Then i was asked to explain OOPs concepts and write a code to explain virtual functions.
Then he moved to memory management in java.(that heap and stack concept)
Interview2: tech again!!
I was asked to write a code of bubble sort, modified bubble sort, quick sort and all their complexities.
Then he asked me solve puzzles which i hadn’t in the apti and also the second bonus question. Also some more puzzles. Then came OOAD concepts: is-a relation and all. He had given me 3-4 classes and asked me to relate all of them. Then database recovery concepts again. One of the puzzle was whats the shortest distance for an ant from one corner of a room to opposite corner.i said its the diagonal bt ants don’t fly! So he said ki ants cant fly bt u can do nething with the room. I answered ki break the ceiling from one end and make it as a slope 4 the ant to climb. He said yes bt wanted more ways which i didn’t get. Thats was it.
Interview 3: management
It was a normal HR interview. I was asked about the test and how i think i had performed (i knew it coz interviewer in 2nd round had already told me my mks :p) etc. Then again abt my projects and i was given 1 min to sell my proj to him(where i performed badly :p). Then he gave me some situations and asked how i wud react to it n all.
Interview4: HR again bt a stress interview
Here too there were basic qstns abt he jst didn’t agree to any of my ans abt y credit Suisse n ita a stress interview, just be firm with what u have said and yaa..keep smiling whatever he does to irritate u and be frank. No diplomatic ans allowed here :p And yaa..jst research abt the company and basic finance will help.thats it..:D


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