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TCS Sample Problems On Odd & Even Integers

Below are three questions on numbers on concepts dealing with odd and even and a new class called "even-odd" numbers.
Question 1
If n is an even-odd number then which of the following must be false?
(A number is called "even-odd" if it is halfway between an even integer and an odd integer.)
a) n/2 is not an integer
b)(2n)2 is an integer
c)4n is an odd integer
d)none of these
Answer : c)4n is an odd integer
A number is called "even-odd" if it is halfway between an even integer and an odd integer. For example, consider an even integer 10 and an odd integer -5. Number halfway between them will be (10 - (-5)) / 2 = 7.5. Here 7.5 is an "even-odd" number.
i.e., an even-odd number will be in the form x + 1/2 = x.5 where x is any integer.
Let us see with each option:
Consider option a :
Since n is a fraction number then n/2 is also a fraction.
i.e., n/2 is not an integer.
Hence option a is true.
Consider option b :
(2n)2 = 4n2
since n…

Common Mistakes made at a job interview

3 Common Resume Mistakes To Avoid

You need to be aware of some of the common resume mistakes that freshers often commit that could play spoilsport to a magnitude you can't imagine. Yes, you could miss golden opportunities due to any of the below discussed mistakes.
Mistake 1 : Not Updating Resumes Periodically Our life changes everyday and resume is not an exception. Every day, every week and every month you are new person with your skill sets getting upgraded. You should take care that your resume closely resembles your current skill set.
For example, you could be strong in C basics during last week. But during the current week you could had completed reading C pointers and data structures to gain a little mastery over C. Now just think the dampening role that your resume could play if it still reads "C Basics". Employers don't have magic mirrors that could reveal your exact skill set. Hence updating resumes on a weekly basis is very important.
Mistake 2 : Not Having Resume Saved On Des…

Wipro DBMS Sample Interview Questions

Question 1
(In DBMS like Oracle) Which of the following allow null values ? A Unique Key or Primary Key ?
Answer :
Primary Key constraint does not allow null values to be inserted while it is legal in case of Unique key.
Question 2
Considering an Oracle database as an example, can NULL values be used in arithmetic operations ? Explain your answer ?
Answer :
No, NULL value cannot be used in arithmetic operation. This is because a NULL just denotes an 'absence' of information rather than 'empty' or 'zero' value.
Question 3
How you can delete a duplicate row from Unique key column?
Answer :
This necessity does not arise. First of all Unique key column will not allow duplicate rows to be inserted.
Question 4
Tell any one advantage of using stored procedures in applications?
Answer :
Stored Procedures abstract complex SQL queries from application code. For example, a task involving multiple lines of complex SQL queries can be simplified to a single stored proc…

Wipro Sample Questions On Roots Of An Equation

Question 1
What is the sum of the irrational roots of the equation (x-1)(x-3)(x-5)(x-7)=9 ?
a)10 b)8 c)6 d)4
Answer : b)8
Given that
(x - 1) (x - 3) (x - 5) (x - 7) = 9
Let x - 4 = p
Then the given eqn becomes
(p + 3) (p + 1) (p - 1) (p - 3) = 9
(p2 - 1) (p2 - 9) = 9
p4 - 10p2 + 9 = 9
p2 (p2 - 10) = 0
p2 =0 or p2-10 =0
p = 0 or p = sqrt(10) or p = - sqrt(10)
then x - 4 = 0, x - 4 = sqrt(10) or x - 4 = - sqrt(10)
Now the roots of the given eqn are 4,4 + sqrt(10) and 4 - sqrt(10)
The irrational roots are 4+sqrt(10) and 4 - sqrt(10)
The sum of the irrational roots = 4 + sqrt(10) + 4 - sqrt(10) = 8.
Hence the answer is 8.
Question 2
The product of the distinct roots of the equation (3x)(3x+2)(3x-4)(3x-6)= 64 is:
a)-32/27 b)-61/5 c)63/16 d)69/12
Answer : a)-32/27
Given that
(3x)(3x+2)(3x-4)(3x-6)= 64
Let 3x - 2 = p
Then the given eqn becomes
(p + 2) (p + 4) (p - 2) (p - 4) = 64
(p2 - 4) (p2 - 16) = 64
p4 - 20p2 + 64 = 64
p4 - 20p2 = 0
p2(p2 - 20…

Infosys delays 17,000 campus recruitment offers

Bangalore: With a challenging environment, and low visibility into client spend, Infosys has said that it will be deferring joining dates, and the management is also putting some cost saving measures in place, reports Shreya Roy of CNBC-TV18.
Infy had decided that with its current business needs in mind it will defer its campus recruitment process. The company had initially made 27,000 campus offers, but now the company says that 17,000 of these will be deferred by up to three months.
However, the firm has reiterated that it plans to honour each of these offers in due course of time. In fact the company which prided itself on a six-month long extensive training programme for fresh intakes has also decided to cut the period short by two months, four months of this training programme will be conducted at its sprawling Mysore campus, while two months will be an online programme.
With a challenging environment, and low visibility into client spend, Infy said it will delay it…