3 Common Resume Mistakes To Avoid

You need to be aware of some of the common resume mistakes that freshers often commit that could play spoilsport to a magnitude you can't imagine. Yes, you could miss golden opportunities due to any of the below discussed mistakes.

Mistake 1 : Not Updating Resumes Periodically

Our life changes everyday and resume is not an exception. Every day, every week and every month you are new person with your skill sets getting upgraded. You should take care that your resume closely resembles your current skill set.
For example, you could be strong in C basics during last week. But during the current week you could had completed reading C pointers and data structures to gain a little mastery over C. Now just think the dampening role that your resume could play if it still reads "C Basics". Employers don't have magic mirrors that could reveal your exact skill set. Hence updating resumes on a weekly basis is very important.

Mistake 2 : Not Having Resume Saved On Desktop

Having resumes saved on Desktop is a very simple technique that could help you to evaluate your Resumes periodically. More importantly, this simple practice also constantly reminds you of your current skill set and the urgency to upgrade your skills to stand ahead of competition.
For example, if you are strong in C language and you are really satisfied with it, the chances are that you are not going to learn OOPS unless otherwise an employer clearly requires that. Instead if you are having your resume saved on Desktop, the chances are that you evaluate your resume now and then, and you are sure to get a feeling that "Wont my resume look far good if I had OOPS in my skill set as well?". And yes, you could best appreciate questions of this kind by imagining the long term benefits they can bring.

Mistake 3 : Not Cross Comparing Your Resume With Other Resumes

If you are in a particular batch, and say there are at least 30 students in your batch, you increase your chances of being picked up by an employer if your resume has some unique skills which are not found in other resumes. For example, "C Basics", "Windows OS" etc are some of the common skills found in most resumes. Say if your resume has an extra qualification like "Sun JAVA Certified" and if the employer is recruiting for JAVA based projects, your aptitude or placement test score becomes secondary and chances are that your employer is going to give you an easy Pass to enter his organization.


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