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Honeywell Practice Problems On Linear Equations

Below are three problems on linear equations. You have to form the equations by using the given information.
Question 1
A railway half ticket( for kids below 5 years) costs Rs. 150 and full ticket(for above 5 years) costs Rs. 250. The daily report says that for a particular day, 5000 passengers have travelled and the total collection is Rs.10,50,000. How many kids(below 5 years) have travelled on that day?
a)1000 b)2000 c)2500 d)3500
Answer : b)2000
Let 's' be the number of kids travelled on that day and 'b' be the number of passengers(above 5 years) travelled on that day.
Therefore, s + b = 5000 ... eqn (1)
Each half ticket's cost is Rs.150 and
Each full ticket's cost is Rs.250.
Total collection of amount = 150s + 250b = 10,50,000
Or 150s + 250b = 10,50,000 ... eqn (2)
Multiplying equation (1) by 150, we get 150s + 150b = 7,50,000 ... eqn (3)
Subtracting eqn (3) from eqn (2), we get 100b = 3,00,000
Or b = 3000
We know that s + b = 5000
So, s = 5…

What Should Be Your Mindset To Improve Confidence Levels During Interviews ?

You could had prepared well for interviews, you could literally be aware of every question that would be fired upon you in an interview, you could had completed your placement test successfully well, but during the interviews most of the students tend to get nervous. If you can cover up your nervousness and if you can still answer the questions well, then it might do good. But, in most cases, nervousness affects your ability to listen well. When you fail to listen well, the chances are that you performance could degrade as well. Knowing the root cause of this unusual nervousness can get you to overcome this feeling.

What is the root cause of sudden decrease in confidence levels during interviews?
Most of the sufferers have in common a culprit within themselves. This is called 'being overly self conscious'. This arises due to the fear of getting into embarrassing situations. Several CV readers do mail us about this problem and among them 9 out of 10 would fall into t…