Java knowledge for android

The Java programming language is one of the glorious tools that make programming Android a breeze compared with programming for other mobile platforms. Whereas other languages insist that you manage memory, deallocate and allocate bytes, and then shift bits around like a game of dominoes, Java has a little buddy called the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that helps take care of that for you. The JVM allows you to focus on writing code to solve a business problem by using a clean, understandable programming language
(or to build that next really cool first-person shooter game you’ve been dreaming of) instead of focusing on the plumbing just to get the screens to show up.

You’re expected to understand the basics of the Java programming language before you write your first Android application. If you’re feeling a bit rusty and need a refresher course on Java, you can visit the Java tutorials site at or you can find some tutorial here - JAVA


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